While our farm is diversified with livestock as well as vegetables in the garden, we are pretty avid meat lovers and we focus much of our time on raising prize winning cattle, heritage pigs and beautiful turkeys.

Our pigs are Berkshires, a heritage breed. They range outside in summer and inside in winter and live the happiest pig life ever! The chops and roasts from Berkshire pork is extremely moist and full of flavour. If you think¬†“pork is pork”, you haven’t tasted Berkshire pork from pigs that have been raised in an open space with the great genetics these pigs have. They are available year round by the cut in the store. By the side or whole by order.¬†Talk to us about ordering a side of pork. You will be happy you did!


  • Side
  • Loin Chop 2/pkg
  • Butt Chop 1/pkg
  • Loin Roast
  • Butt Roast
  • Picnic Roast with Rind
  • Ham Roast Bone-in
  • Ham Steak Bone-in
  • Side Ribs
  • Stew
  • Bacon
  • Side Pork


  • Ground
  • Hocks
  • Bones
  • Sausage Mild Italian 4/pkg
  • Sausage Oktoberfest 4/pkg
  • Sausage Honey Garlic 4/pkg
  • Sausage Maple Garlic 4/pkg
  • Sausage Meat Mild Italian
  • Sausage Meat Maple Garlic
  • Fat

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This is an extensive list, and uses the following product codes to identify which category each item belongs to:

  • D = Dairy
  • DFZ = Dairy Frozen
  • M = Meat
  • MFZ = Meat Frozen
  • FFZ = Fish Frozen
  • FC = Fish Canned
  • G = Grocery
  • GFZ = Grocery Frozen
  • GT = Gifts
  • P = Produce Fresh
  • PC = Produce Canned
  • PD = Produce Dried
  • PFZ = Produce Frozen

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