We are pleased to announce our chickens are now available for pick-up at Food Less Travelled!  Due to the new Artisanal Chicken Program from the Chicken Farmers of Ontario we can now offer our chickens through Food Less Travelled.  Most of our chickens are pre-sold and we are now taking orders for each of the four dates for 2017.  Whether you need one chicken or enough to keep your whole family satisfied we are happy to take your order.  Short on freezer space?  No problem, we offer three pick-up dates throughout the summer and fall so you can spread your order out. Our chickens are free ranged on our farm, free from antibiotics and hormones.  They average 6.25lbs-6.5lbs, there are always some under 5lbs and some over 7lbs.  If you need a small or extra large bird let us know and we’ll do what we can to accommodate your request.  $4.39/lb.  For the pick-up dates and to place an order use the form at the bottom of this page.


While our farm is diversified with livestock as well as vegetables in the garden, we are pretty avid meat lovers and we focus much of our time on raising prize winning cattle, heritage pigs and beautiful turkeys.

We raise our Thanksgiving and Christmas turkeys from the time they are one day old. They are free range as well, and their meat is guaranteed to be the juiciest and most flavourful. Our customers find themselves sharing their turkeys with neighbours just to spread the word. They are a superior product that results from a very happy relaxed life, where they are very well cared for.  Our turkeys are free of antibiotics, steroids or any kind of hormone. They are fresh at Thanksgiving and Christmas by order only and are available frozen in limited quantities throughout the year at the store. We take orders throughout the year!

Our ducks are hatched out at the Perry Farm and are cared for by The youngest Perrys–Grant and Mason, until they are ready for your table.


  • Whole
  • Ground Thigh
  • Ground Breast
  • Heart
  • Liver
  • Duck
    • Whole
  • Chicken
    • Whole

For a complete listing of our products, please click here.

This is an extensive list, and uses the following product codes to identify which category each item belongs to:

  • D = Dairy
  • DFZ = Dairy Frozen
  • M = Meat
  • MFZ = Meat Frozen
  • FFZ = Fish Frozen
  • FC = Fish Canned
  • G = Grocery
  • GFZ = Grocery Frozen
  • GT = Gifts
  • P = Produce Fresh
  • PC = Produce Canned
  • PD = Produce Dried
  • PFZ = Produce Frozen


2017 Chicken Pick-up Dates:

~June 22

~July 20

~November 21

When ordering chickens remember to include the number you want to pick up for each of the dates.

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